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It has been nearly two centuries since Daniel Browne came up with the earliest known popcorn recipe. His method was nothing fancy and it was based on heating kernels in a pan with butter. Since then, people tried several popcorn production techniques, some of which include the use of specialized machinery. This article list some of the most popular methods for producing popcorn at home. When deciding how to make popcorn, the two main concerns are taste and nutrition. Ingredients that boost taste, such as butter, can have adverse effects on the nutritional value of your favorite snack by increasing the calorie content. On the other hand, some people can find the flavor bland if little or no oil is used in the popping process. It is best to strike a balance between the two.Have a look at pipoca gourmet for more info on this.

The most basic recipe for home popcorn is that of Browne. The drawback of this recipe is that the butter often starts to burn before temperature gets high enough to pop the kernels. A simple but effective upgrade is to add some vegetable oil that will better help with heating the corn. My favorite recipe is a variation of this and includes only olive oil as an additional ingredient. This maximizes both the taste and the nutritional benefits. Salt and pepper are indispensable if you opt for the stovetop method.

Microwave used to be the prevalent approach to home popcorn a decade ago and it still retains some of its popularity. The reason for the demise of microwave popcorn was the extensive use of food additives in prepackaged microwave popcorn to achieve longer shelf life and better taste. The good news is, microwave popcorn is not dead. You can avoid prepackaged corn and use organic kernels in a pan or microwave bag. This will give you healthy popped corn with decent taste.

Perhaps the healthiest way to make popcorn at home is air popping. This method is extremely easy, quick and completely removes the need for cooking oil. You require a special air popping device. Air popcorn poppers are available at most stores for quite affordable prices. What you have to pay attention is the build quality of the machine you get. It is essential that you sift through hot air popcorn popper reviews beforehand to garner enough insight as to the quality of different products in the market. Once you have got the right popcorn popperFind Article, you can enjoy the most popular American snack at its best.