An Update on Impact Driver

As a home owner or builder you probably rely on screws quite often. They work well for building, and they allow you to disassemble the object again at a later date. This is particularly useful in fences and decks, where you will likely be replacing boards and making improvements later on as things begin to wear out. Many people that build with screws rely on drills to accomplish the task, but impact drivers are much more efficient, especially when they are cordless. impact driver for the money,

What is an Impact Driver? An impact driver looks and operates similarly to a drill, but it works a bit different. It’s essentially a powered drill that actually hammers the screw into position as it becomes difficult to spin. If you’ve ever been driving a screw into a hard wood and the tool began to bog down and slow, this is the type of situation that an impact driver works well in. How Does it Work? An impact driver relies on two different mechanisms to drive a screw or other fasteners into place. The first is standard rotation just like a drill. The second is a hammering blow that’s accomplished in the head of the tool. A small metal mechanism actually slams the fastener into place as it gets close to being locked down all the way. This will help you install larger and more difficult fasteners, and makes all the difference compared to a standard drill.

Why Use an Impact Driver? If you’ve ever dealt with a difficult fastener while using a traditional drill, you know how much of a pain it can be. The tool will twist your wrist, the fastener could become stripped, and even when you have enough power it’s possible to actually snap the fastener from all the force on it. An impact driver helps resolve all of these problems. That’s because the tool actually smooths out the driving process. Even difficult fasteners become easy to put into place. You’ll begin driving it home, and you’ll quickly notice that once things would normally become difficult, you hear a small clicking noise and the driver finishes going into place easily. That’s because the hammering mechanism in the tool offers two to three times the torque of a standard drill. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to build with screws after you have this product.

Cordless or Corded-Just a decade ago I would have recommended that you go with a corded impact driver for the maximum level of power. That’s because cordless models simply didn’t have the torque to take on difficult tasks, or their batteries would die to quickly. That’s not the case any longer. There are excellent quality tools available today, that deliver more than enough torque to get the job done properly. These tools come with highly capable batteries that charge quickly and handle dozens of fasteners without needing another charge. Cordless is much more convenient, making it the option of choice for most builders today, including myself.